“Thanks for your help on the 12C1 issues, the machine was put in service in record time.” ~ (Rotating Equipment Specialist)
“Call 'Hi-Tech', they'll know what to do.” ~ (Refinery Planner)
“Man, nobody does what you guys do .” ~ (Refinery Zone Foreman)
“You guys know my machines. Other vendors just try and sell me parts .” ~ (Assistant Plant Manager)
“That's why we deal with you. I know when we need you, you'll be here.” ~ (Site Manager)
“The way you stood behind our packing failure, everyone was pleased.” ~ (Supervisor Operations)
“All these years, you're the first ones to actually take our bore readings.” ~ (Lead Mechanic)
“Your proposal to use splash guards was brilliant.” ~ (Maintenance Supervisor)
“Please tell everyone in the shop 'Excellent Job'.” ~ (Owner)
“Your valve modification and new lube system has our Super Cub purring.” ~ (Mechanic)

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