Manufacturing / CNC Machining

We Manufacturer OEM Replacement Parts!


Hi-Tech offers a variety of services from design to finish machining. With both CNC and manual machines coupled with our highly skilled team, we manufacture a wide range of OEM replacement compressor and pump parts. These services also extend to other areas such as specialty parts.

Our complete machine shop provides the essential hands-on dedication to each manufactured or CNC machined part. Our expert team watches over the part throughout its entire process, carefully observing and critiquing it every step of the way until it's completed and made perfect to your required specifications.


Thread Rolling

Our manufacturing facility also includes thread rolling of new piston rods, studs, and miscellaneous fasteners.

Thread rolling is performed on round bar stock (stainless steel and alloy steels) which is loaded in Hi-Tech’s machine where the material is forged between a series of rotating dies. These dies forge the size, pitch, and shape of the thread that is being rolled. Some factors in the setup for thread rolling include the material being rolled, material size, and the thread pitch.  

Certain measures are in place for accurately adjusting or matching the thread rolls to ensure they are in proper position. Once the threading process is finished the bar is checked for its dimensional accuracy and straightness.

A benefit of the thread rolling process includes the surface of the rolled thread is harder than a cut thread, therefore increasing wear resistance and required by A.P.I. specifications.

Other benefits of thread rolling are the cold forming of the threads which creates a thread with a higher tensile strength than that of cut threads. This is achieved by forging the raw material into the shape of a thread as opposed to interrupting the grain by cutting. An example of this process is seen in the video below.