Packing & Oil Wiper Case Reconditioning

Pressure packing cases and oil wiper cases are vital to keeping industrial compressors running efficiently. Hi-Tech Compressor's reconditioning service restores packing and oil wiper cases to factory specs through our rigorous quality-controlled processes and ensures compliance with current fugitive emission guidelines.

Developing a Plan for Reconditioning

Our technicians thoroughly inspect and document all incoming packing, wiper cases and rings. By carefully measuring key dimensions and examining assemblies with a trained eye, our staff will recommend a specific reconditioning protocol to resolve problems, improve performance and extend service life.

Before disassembly, we mark all cups to ensure accurate reassembly. We then thoroughly clean and inspect all components, and replace any worn items that are not repairable. Our technicians precisely machine cups to ensure correct depths for seal rings, 'O' rings, and gasket grooves, while adhering to tolerances for proper clearances.

Obsessive attention to detail

To ensure a tight gas seal between the packing and piston rod, as well as between cups, we machine surfaces to precise perpendicularity and parallelism. Sealing surfaces are ground and lapped to assure proper mating of the packing to the cup and to enable a tight cup-to-cup seal.

Finally, our technicians carefully reassemble cases with new packing, gaskets, o-rings and other parts as needed. One item which we pay particular attention to is the often-overlooked nose gasket.

The nose gasket is always replaced and care is taken during handling and packaging that no damage occurs to this most vital component. We pressure test the packing case assemblies, including coolant passages on all cooled cases, as well as test all lube, vent, and purge passages for free flow. All final inspection dimensions are recorded at this time.

Packaging includes VCI (anti-rust) packaging, bagging, boxing, and complete labeling with customer part number, P.O. number and any information requested by the customer. With a quick turnaround and quality execution, Hi-Tech Compressor will recondition your packing and oil wiper cases to deliver years of trouble-free service.