Crosshead Reconditioning

We will recondition crossheads to run in perfect alignment and deliver reliable performance.

Crossheads and connecting rods convert the rotary motion of the crankshaft into a reciprocating motion of the piston rod assembly. It is vital that the crosshead slides straight and true in relation to the cylinder bore.

Before reconditioning we thoroughly inspect the crosshead dimensionally and via non-destructive testing (NDT). We then verify the correct orientation of the shoe location relative to the wrist pin bore and compressor rod thread bore in the crosshead.

We also check the perpendicularity of the piston rod crosshead threads to the jam nut face. Lastly, we verify proper clearances of the following dimensions; shoe diameter, wrist pin, and pin bore diameters.

We thermal spray all removable shoes with babbitt prior to re-installing onto the crosshead and machine to correct O.D. dimensions.

If the crosshead has integral bearing surfaces, we machine off the old bearing material, thermal spray the crosshead with babbitt and then machine to correct O.D. dimensions. In both crosshead styles (with and without removable shoes), we machine oil lubrication holes and/or grooves to match the original configuration.