6 Myths About Packing Cases

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Posted on Monday, October 23, 2017
By: Michele Loudenslager
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6 Myths About Packing cases


Packing cases are vital to a reciprocating compressor rod. Ensuring the packing cases are repaired and functioning properly is extremely important for their efficiency among their other intermixed parts. Being that a core issue with packing cases is their longevity, you can consider looking for alternative answers through purchasing new. A quick and responsive company like Hi-Tech Compressor will repair your packing cases and bring them to like "new condition" faster and more economically. Unfortunately, companies don’t always know fact from fiction when it comes to compressor rod packing cases, which can lead to misconceptions, loss of time, and overspending. We will be exposing six common myths of packing cases that can help to inform you to make better decisions about your repair options, in addition to why they should be repaired. Let’s get started!



Myth: The nose gasket isn’t a vital element of the packing cases performance.

Truth: Nose gaskets need love too. This area is an underrated source of leakage. The location plays a key role, as the nose gasket experiences the most extreme temperatures and pressure.



Myth: The original rod packing material is the best option for my particular application.

Truth:  There are many application-specific varieties of packing cases available that will to best suit your needs.



Myth: When the packing case is leaking only the packing needs to be replaced.

Truth: Causes of leakage can be a result of packing, rod surface finish, nose gasket, improper lubrication or lube product.

             *Side note: Piston ring leakage (blow-by) can attribute to this!



Myth: The compressor rod needs to be smooth.

Truth: The compressor rod needs to be smooth and to be properly matched to compressor running conditions. Too smooth can be bad too. The surface finish needs to be properly matched to the compressor’s running conditions.



Myth: The packing is the only contributor to gas leakage.

Truth: The other contributors are rod size, finish, and improperly matched packing.



Myth: The case(s) I have will be the cases(s) I am stuck with and there’s nothing I can do with them.

Truth:  new cases can be manufactured with a number of additional features such as:

·        Rod drop indicators

·        Purge

·        Vent

·        Drain

·        Cooling

These features also include cost-saving benefits and performance incentives.


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