Piston Failure- Should I Repair or Replace?

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Piston Failure- Should I Repair or Replace?

Posted on Wednesday, June 9, 2021
By: Michele Loudenslager
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Piston Failure- Should I Repair or Replace?


You might be asking yourself: how do I know if this piston should be repaired or replaced? This is a common question that requires a definitive answer.

When your piston fails, the cause could be a foreseen factor such as human error, where workers can cause the piston to seize to the cylinder wall due to a lack of lubrication. Other factors include the regular wear and tear of a piston. Very common errors such as debris entering the cylinder causing damage to the piston can also occur.


The cause of your piston failure can also be from unforeseen factors such as engine failure or a part or piece breaking off and falling into the piston. Other factors of piston failure would occur when liquids leak into areas where it can cause damage. These issues can cause much more trouble if a solution isn’t found, so a proper diagnosis for the piston is a great start to the repairing process.


With all these issues happening it’s about time we know one way or another if the piston should be repaired or replaced.



Follow below for an Event Driven Process to determine a final solution:

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