Why the XRF Gun helps put the “hi-tech” in Hi-Tech Compressor

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Posted on Thursday, January 4, 2018
By: Michele Loudenslager
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 When you think of technology, you may think of the newest and most advanced tools in the world to help with daunting tasks that might require many hours to complete or a task that cannot be performed by just a human alone.  Now, what if you took these powerful capabilities and used them with compression and pump parts? Pretty useful, right?

That’s what the XRF Gun will do. It uses an X-Ray beam which spreads throughout the surface of the material, exciting the molecules. A reading is shown and indicates the composition of the material, for sample identification and positive material identification (P.M.I.), all of which occur in real-time. In addition to identifying the atoms, the gun also calculates the proportions of material, and a chart is used to classify the material type.

The overall benefit of this to you is that this technology will provide you with accurate and distinct data that will inform you of the parts composition without causing damaging effects. It’s speed and accuracy will also save you time and that’s very important because time = $$$.

This is just one of the many ways the term “hi-tech” shows what Hi-Tech Compressor can do for you. We offer many more services that range from thermal sprays to precise custom machined parts, which you can view here.

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